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Our People: The Heart of Our Success

At the forefront of digital asset innovation, we provide a flexible and rewarding work environment where talented professionals can push the boundaries of what is achievable in the crypto world. Every day, our team collaborates relentlessly to tackle complex puzzles and turn the impossible into reality. We strive to foster an energetic and inclusive culture where every team member can thrive, learn, and evolve.

At Pulsar, it’s our remarkable people who drive our success. Join us and be a part of our incredible journey!

Our People’s Values


We are passionate about achieving tangible outcomes with measurable results. Our focus on impact guides our decisions and strategies, ensuring we deliver value to our stakeholders.


We conduct ourselves with honesty and we value ethical behavior. Trust is the bedrock of our relationships, and we hold ourselves accountable for our deliverables.


Crypto market never stops. We set our standards high and continually challenge ourselves to achieve excellence in every aspect of our work, ensuring that we consistently deliver top-notch results.


We value and reward individual merit and excellence. Our dedication to recognizing and promoting achievement ensures that contributions are acknowledged and celebrated.

Meet Our Team

In Pulsar, we are always ready to be inspired by new ideas – there is no wrong opinion here. Everyone is generous in sharing knowledge. The learning curve can be as steep as one wishes.

After graduating with first-class honors in Computer Science from Cambridge, I joined Pulsar. The company has a close-knit culture that promotes knowledge sharing and belonging. My colleagues continuously support me, making my experience in the fast-paced cryptocurrency industry very enjoyable.

Pulsar boasts a historical track record that few crypto firms can rival. We emerged from the challenging 2022 bear market even stronger and more resilient, just as we successfully navigated previous market cycles. Plus, I love the ‘work hard, play hard’ and the fast-paced culture here.

After 10 years in investment banking, I wanted to get my teeth into this fast-growing sector, and Pulsar came to me as the first choice due to its agility and long-term commitment to growing the crypto ecosystem. I’m so glad to have embarked on my crypto journey with Pulsar.

Career Benefits


Open Positions

We offer creative, entrepreneurial-minded candidates exciting and rewarding career opportunities, where you can work with the latest technology and build impactful solutions from scratch. Browse our open positions to join our successful and growing team!

Graduate 2024 – Junior Trader

Hong Kong

Graduate 2024 – Junior Developer (Front Office)

Hong Kong

Graduate 2024 – Junior System Engineer

Hong Kong

Junior Developer (Back Office)

Hong Kong

Reinforcement Learning Specialist

Hong Kong

Senior Operations Analyst (Middle Office)

Hong Kong

Senior Accountant

Hong Kong

Senior System Engineer

Hong Kong

DeFi Trader

Hong Kong


Hong Kong / London

Deep Learning Specialist

Hong Kong

It’s important you know that Pulsar treats your personal data in the same safe and secure way. Pulsar collects several pieces of information about you in order to provide a personalised candidate experience. These include, but aren’t limited to:

– Your name, address and contact details

– Details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history

– Information about your current level of remuneration, including benefit entitlements

– Information about your entitlement to work.

We will also need authorised third parties to process data and to act on our behalf as part of the recruitment process, for example, when conducting reference checks, of which some of these may be outside the EEA/HK. We hold our third parties to the same standards we have when processing your data, and we will ensure that applicable contractual controls are in place with the third party to protect your personal information. If you agree to allow us to keep your personal data on file, we will hold your data for 24 months so that we can get back in touch in relation to any future employment opportunities we think you might be interested in.

At the end of that period, or once you withdraw your consent, which you are free to do at any time, your data is deleted or destroyed. If your application for employment is successful, any personal data gathered during the recruitment process will be transferred to your electronic HR file and retained and added to during your employment. Our internal policies will set out what, why and for how long we collect employee information.

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