DeFi Trader

Hong Kong

Target profile

You will love this job if:

  • You are pioneering and innovative and want to be part of the cutting-edge and disruptive crypto-currency world
  • You have a passion to automate trading and its peripherals to maximize benefits at minimal manual intervention
  • You thrive in a non-hierarchical organization with flexible and casual working environment
  • You would like flexibility to choose your working location to be in Hong Kong or London

Team / Role

As a DeFi Trader / Developer, you will:

  • Execute your DeFi focused trading strategy and manage the portfolio including trades execution, balance sheet management, and risk management
  • Proactively generate and execute trading and yield farming ideas in DeFi sectors based on market and quantitative research
  • Closely work with Developers to incorporate trading strategies into automated and low latency systems
  • Stay connected with the DeFi ecosystem and crypto market development

Required skillset

You should get in touch if:

  • You have solid DeFi trading strategies that can be scaled up with more resources and capital
  • You have strong proficiency in solidity and able to deploy to main ETH network
  • Deep understanding and experience interacting with various Defi protocols (e.g. yield farming, staking, lending, etc.)
  • You have experience trading in Defi DEXes (e.g. uniswap, sushiswap, etc.)
  • Have exposure to the defi ecosystem and network with defi developers
  • Perform risk management and have knowledge on how various hack/exploits work (e.g. re-entrance, transfer tax bug, etc.)

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