“It has been an amazing career journey at Pulsar, which offers unlimited flexibility to learn and contribute. Its extensive global market connections and industry knowledge have exposed me to a professional and fast-paced environment for growth. Moreover, Pulsar’s culture is truly result-driven and excellence-seeking, where achievements are recognized and rewarded. It’s an environment where success is celebrated and individuals are empowered to reach their full potential.”, said Ryan Lam, a graduate from HKUST in 2022.

With previous graduates and junior talents proven to be great successes for Pulsar, we are dedicated to connecting with the best junior talents within Hong Kong’s academic community. This year, we participated in the on-campus career fairs at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and The University of Hong Kong Science and Technology (HKUST), actively seeking talents to join our Junior Front Office Developer and Junior Trader roles. These events provided an exceptional platform to gain valuable insights into their career aspirations while also sharing the remarkable journey of Pulsar.

At Pulsar, we are constantly looking for innovative, result-driven, excellence-seeking, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals. We enjoy working with graduates because as we nurture their talents, they, in turn, contribute fresh insights and dedication to propel the firm forward.

Whether your passion lies in technology, finance, or a combination of both, Pulsar offers a great opportunity to pursue your ambitions. Join our vibrant and fast-growing team, and together let’s push the boundaries of the limits of innovation in the fields of algorithmic trading, cryptocurrency, and digital assets.

To explore these incredible opportunities further, visit our Career page now! Your journey with Pulsar awaits, and we can’t wait to welcome you aboard. 


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