Pulsar, a leading proprietary and algorithmic trading firm specializing in cryptocurrency trading and market making, is delighted to announce its partnership with Pyth Network as a publisher for low latency price data. As a crypto-native market maker since 2014, Pulsar understands the importance of price discovery through advanced innovation and technology. By integrating Pulsar’s real-time price data with Pyth’s platform, Pulsar will provide the web3 community with critical information to navigate and make proper investment decisions.

Pyth Network has solidified its position as the industry-leading oracle for low-latency financial data, boasting a vast array of more than 275 price feeds available at sub-second frequencies across over 25 blockchain ecosystems. The network comprises top-tier market makers, trading firms, and exchanges globally, who actively contribute price data for various asset classes, including FX, US equities, metals, and cryptocurrencies. The integration of Pulsar as a publisher on Pyth Network further reinforces Pyth’s dedication to providing accurate and timely financial data to blockchain ecosystems.

Jacky Chung, CEO of Pulsar said: “Data transparency is crucial to an efficient market. We are excited to partner with Pyth to empower the community with real-time cryptocurrency price data and unleash the potential of the digital asset industry.”

Abhimanyu Bansal, Contributor for the Pyth Data Association said: “As a key player in the blockchain data space, Pulsar’s integration with the Pyth network strengthens our collective mission of democratizing access to high-quality data. By combining our expertise and resources, we are poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities for blockchain developers, enterprises, and users alike.”

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