Pulsar, a leading high-frequency crypto trading firm, has chosen Lukka as its enterprise crypto data management partner. Lukka’s platform will empower Pulsar with the tools to streamline crypto-specific auditing, daily reconciliation, and P&L reporting, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency within the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

“Pulsar operates in the crypto market, where speed and accuracy are paramount. Lukka provides the reliable infrastructure we need to manage our extensive crypto transaction data with precision,” said Jacky Yip, COO of Pulsar. “Lukka’s tailored solutions will support our auditing, reconciliation, and reporting, ultimately enhancing our trading and liquidity provision capabilities.”

Lukka’s Enterprise Data Management SaaS will transform Pulsar’s data into standardized and valued financial information, enabling streamlined auditing with clean records, efficient daily reconciliation of millions of complex transactions across CEX and DEX environments, and comprehensive P&L reporting for strategic decision-making.

“We are proud to support Pulsar, a highly innovating trading firm” said Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka. “Pulsar’s highly innovative low latency business creates constantly evolving data challenges- we have built our SaaS and Data products for firms like Pulsar so that they can navigate the complex crypto market with confidence.”

Pulsar and Lukka partnership underscores the importance of robust data management in the crypto space. By leveraging Lukka’s Enterprise Data Management software, Pulsar can confidently navigate the complexities of the market and focus on its core trading business during these encouraging market conditions.

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