We are thrilled to announce our participation in the remarkable 2023 HK Web3 Festival, where Pulsar was invited to the main stage to discuss the frontier of digital finance. The topic of this engaging session was “Frontiers of Digital Finance: Evolving Derivative Markets” and representing our organization was Martin Cheung, Head of Options Trading at Pulsar.

As a pioneer in providing liquidity and market-making in the crypto market since 2014, spanning across spot, perpetual, and derivatives, we have accumulated in-depth crypto market intelligence and established a vast global network. During the panel discussion, we enthusiastically exchanged ideas with fellow panelists, sharing our expertise in the field. The panel discussion was a fruitful exploration of the existing potentials and key challenges within crypto derivative markets across different regions. We are genuinely excited about the future prospects and the growing adoption of virtual asset derivatives in global markets.

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