The HK Web3 Festival, held from April 6th to 9th, 2024 in Hong Kong, drew record-breaking crowds of Web3 enthusiasts and provided an exceptional platform for Pulsar to engage with the crypto community and identify promising business partnerships!

This year, Pulsar was invited to participate in a panel discussion alongside other industry leaders, focusing on “Liquidity Landscape: Exploring Strategies for Effective Digital Asset Trading”. As a proprietary algorithmic trading firm specializing in spot, perpetual, and derivative trading since 2014, we engaged in fruitful discussions with fellow panelists on the future potential of ETFs and derivatives trading in the cryptocurrency space.

Hans Kung, CIO at Pulsar, emphasized our approach to selecting business partners: “Our guiding principle is to collaborate with founders and projects that can succeed multi-cycle, regardless of market conditions. Acting as an extended team, we aim to jointly navigate challenges and foster long-term relationships with our partners.”

As Pulsar continues our journey in the crypto world, we are dedicated in developing smart trading strategies and fostering enduring partnerships for sustained success. Feel free to connect with us and discover how we can work together to navigate the dynamic world of crypto and blockchain.

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